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A dry breeze is blowing
the city is getting cold
I wonder how many seasons have passed
without even a sound?

All of the people coming and going
bear heavy burdens
searching for tomorrow
within the heat haze wavering in the distance

Feelings like sand
falling through my hands...
Back then, the words that pierced my heart
suddenly started to throb with pain, but...

I've searched for pieces of myself
counting the endless nights all the while
these feelings are becoming so certain I almost lose myself
Right now, without fail, I will walk forward, however far

I wonder why is the sky so vast?
Even though I tried to yell my voice didn't come
and the tears poured out

I wonder where the birds are flying off to
as they freely slice through the wind?
One can't return to the same place
as it once was in days gone by

Even if I give up my dream like this
I won't suppress my soaring heartbeat
Someday, I want to reach as high as the clouds
I'll spread wide the wings in my heart and journey once again

I've searched for pieces of myself
counting the endless nights all the while
These feelings are becoming so certain I almost lose myself
Right now, without fail, I will walk forward, however far

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I put my favorite Blue Sunset wallpaper as the main theme. I made it a little transparent, put some texts and picture. The main character now is "Hana" of Fruits Basket. Her mood on this pic matches the most in the whole background. The entire theme of different shades of purple makes this blog "COOL" and I ultimately like it. Other features of my blog is my Chatango-Mini. I discovered this from somewhere and I find it cool --- online people on my blog can chat with me... ONLINE :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you like my layout.







Friday, May 06, 2005
walang time o tamad lang talaga?

ewan ko... siguro nga tinatamad lang talaga ako.. supposedly.. dapat magiice skating kami ngaun... basta. yoko na... kakacool off ko lang tapos ikukuwento ko pa dito.. no way...! xenxia huh? badtrip eh waneps ah? tagal ko ng hindi nagpoost?

Posted at 03:03 pm by shampoo
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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Summerscent is Fresh!?

   Oh Oh Oh My Gooolllayy! Recognition Day namin kanina... sosh! 7am na ako nagising.... at 8am ako dumating ng school... Grabe?! Ang lufetski ng summer ngayon ... super kainit..!!!! Lalo na kahapon sooossh! Ang init sa manila! Para ngang gusto kong sumigaw ng darna eh... DARNA~! hhhaayyyy....... kala ko ba fresh ang summerscent? Para ngang gusto kong magdala ng super-dooper laking drum ng tubig dito sa room ko at magbabad lang eh!! whahahahah kung pwede lang...

hay.... easter sunday.. nag swimming... para tuloy gusto ko pang magswimming... sabi nga ng mga friendships ko kanina sa school umitim nga raw ako eh ... wahahahahahhaha...

ayun.. recognition day namin kanina.... 7th honor me .... in over all... well that's terifically fine with me... actually, its one of my ULTIMATE EXTREME BLASTY PLAN... well let's just see.... everything's just started yet....

hay buhay.... hoy kung espiya ka mula sa sckul namin lumayas ka ha..!? wag mong bbasahin tong entry koh!

para ba kasing kanina... uuhhmm wala

ayaw ko na .. baka mabasa to ni purple... ichizmax na naman akew nun %$^&

well... everything's so smooth actually.. everything's just righ on my ppplllaaannn... dios ko ano ba yan ... intrimidita ! magpapasabog ata ito :D


bukas clerance namin :) mmmm.... :D

oy ah in fairness highest ako sa chemistry test... ciempre... :D

Posted at 06:29 pm by shampoo
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
"Life is ephemeral; so is Time"

   It seems only yesterday when I woke up and prepared for my first day in third-year class, now, by tomorrow, its our Recognition Day and my Junior life will soon be a Senior Life.

   "Life is ephemeral; so is Time". Napakabilis ng mga araw, hindi mo alam na mamaya lang, para bang ni hindi mo mamalayan, graduate ka na. Tapos, parang hangin lang na dadaan, may trabaho ka na. Yun bang napaka "ephemeral" ng lahat ng bagay.... "short-lived"... "momentary"... at "temporary". Since my childhood, I could hear from people saying that High-School life is one of the most colorful part of everyone's life. I never thought that its true until I experienced it. Before when I was still a freshman, as usual, inosente pa at halos walang alam, I kept on wondering na "anong kinasaya ng highschool?"... then nag-Sophomore. But on this time, there are SOME things that made me happy, or say na "masaya nga ang high school"; but still, in the deepest part of my mind, "What?? Ito na ba yun? Boring!".

   All of the sudden, ... naging Third-Year ako.... ang luffet nga actually eh. Yung classroom namin last year at ung mga classmates ko nun ay yun at yun din. Para bang upon my realizations... unti-unti kong nalalaman at nararamdaman ang talagang meaning ng HS life.... so much experiences had struck me and more experiences will strike me.. super dami....

   1. Being late at school
      - I experienced having to be "like-detained" at school. We were not allowed to go into classes unless we filled a plastic with 5000 pieces of dried leaves... shhiiieet ano toh??? ... pero ah, masaya :-) may kachizzzmaxan and everythn'!!

   2. Ang Retreat
      - Nakakatuwa... daming eventrous... and everything... may "Multo experience pa nga eh"

   3. Ang Website namin (---- gawa ko yan ah

   4. Mga events like Quiz Bees... mga kung ano anong contests....

   5. Ati-Atihan Festival!!

   6. JS Prom

   7. Telebabad sa mga classmate

   8. Chat.. and everything....

   Para bang I'm kinda nervous, excited yet scared na.... next year.... 4th year na kami.... napakabilis ng panahon..  para bang suddenly.... "What? Graduation na?" para bang.. biglang............ magbabago .. ang lahat..........

   Of course kaylangang gumaraduate ko .... kagaguhan naman pag pinangarap mong hindi gumaraduate..... of course we need to move on.... pero sa pag move - on na toh, let's not forget our past....

   We live not to forget our past but to learn from it. Life is ephemeral; so is Time. If we will not treasure every moments we spent, regrets are the dark shadows our sorrows will cast :-)

Posted at 06:19 pm by shampoo
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hay.... after 48 years...

siguro 48 taon na ang nakakalipas mula nung huli kong entry... sabi na nga bah eh... :-)

so much had happened these past days.... super terrible... actually im enjoying the vacations na nga eh....

- tapos na ang finals test, the js prom... (the most exciting), tapos tomorrow recognition day... sabi raw kasama daw ako? ewan ko... bahala na ... maybe ....

- whatever


hay... new layout... masyadong gloomy neng! saya mag text pag unlimited ang phone... :-)

last easter sunday... swimming ano pa ba.... hay walang masyadong makwento....

basta lahat masaya...

Posted at 06:01 pm by shampoo
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Shucks... tinatamaan ako

Windows Media Player plays: S Club 7 - Have You Ever

The Intricacies of Being too...

 | Good | - Makes the people believe that you're always good and would do everything they ask

 | Nice | - They're abusing the everything...

 | Clever | - Leads the people to think that you're 'dependable at all times'

 | Generous | - they think they could easily have everything they ask for

 | Considerate | - paves the way to them to ask mountains of favors and for everything

 | Cute | - makes your 'charisma' like a magnet

 | Smart | - leads the people to be very dependable to you with any matter ... ... I can't explain further no more or I might just be able to burst fire in here .. wwaaaahhhh


 + Today's a tough day, indeed, that I am a "PHOTOFINISH" again... Photofinish is the word I refer to myself when I'm running on from the gates of our school to the line formations of my fellow mates to be able to reach the flag ceremony. Yes.... its like, you know what the MC says in a Horse Racing? "Gates open as Raine galloping on the outside ... ... PhotoFinish!" ... WaAaAaAhH!! ~__~ However, in the forgiving hands of Father Time let me not to be late ... *coz I cannot afford myself of being late again..


+ First Subject of the Class: Filipino

    Teacher: Ms. Arcas
    Lesson: Chapter 33-35 of Noli Me Tangere

    While she was discussing in the class about Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara, she suddenly poofs out a topic that was kind of amusing for me. She's talking about "judgement" ... that, if it is right that a person to judge another person. She states one example that "if a person is late for school, a good judgement (paghahatol) that could be given to that person is that a person could just say: "Oh... you're late again.... blablabla" .... WWWAAAHHH!

 + Second subject of the class: English
    Teacher: Ms. Parce (I hope she don't read this, even though I always advertise the url of my blog on my diary on her)
    Lesson: Read Below...

    Our lesson for her class must have been all about Analogy but she takes rid off it for she thinks that nobody on her class would mind to recite for she also thinks that no one has an assignment. For that, she brought our theme writing book as "A SUBSTITUTE" .. she says.

    Waah... What an ultimate mess. I was looking forward to since last night because I really researched for the homework. Even though I didn't write them on my notebook, I all have them on my head! That topic was way far interesting that's why I gave my full attention on it.  But what makes the entire "Strike-On-Me" is that when she suddenly called my name, while I was staring and listening to her, speaking these words: "In English, you must be careful on your words right Raine?" Waaaahhh! I couldn't find the right words to say or the right expression to reply on her. I just stare on her once again as if I am speaking through my EYES ... STRIKE 2!

    Its our computer class. Last Last Last week before we celebrated our Foundation Day, our teacher, Ms. Palaroan gave us an assignment about creating a program in visual basic. As usual, because I am the so-called "Ms-Computer-Girl" or "Walking-Computer", I was able to have the program code a success and as usual... "xerox copies are running aroung the back stretch". And as usual in the class while everyone's making programs, you can hear no other name but "RAINE ! RAINE! RAINE!!" ... shouting my name asking for help. Well, its just very fine with me. At least I can give them a hand... But the striking thing that had happened, when the classes are ended and it was about our lunch time and everyone are going down, I heard the teacher saying that: "Some people are excerting their full efforts in debugging while others are just copying! Moreover, there are some people who let the others copy!" ... WWWAAAHH!! I've got no more words to say.... WWAAAAHHHH!!!

 Wow... I got 3 Strikes :) .. You know? Im getting used to it and when I encounter school dilemmas or whatsoever, I just give a Smile!!! That's me

 Okay, I finally activated my entire mind for speaking, thinking, typing, writing in English. Now I can easily finish this theme writing compositions... Yeah.. Easily

DISCLAIMER!!!:::: No Objections please... dahil Blog Ko Toh!

Posted at 08:23 pm by shampoo
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
read this.... lalo na yung sa ibaba... baka katulad kita

BADTRIP na nakakatuwa na ewan to the everythin'!

Hala? Pasaway? Ang tagal ko na namang hindi nag - ba - blog??? WWaaHHH!!! Ang saya saya nag - ati atihan field demo kami ... best performance awardee pa ah? Gumawa nga ako ng blog para sa ati atihan namin eh. tatry kong iupload yung video nung buong performance namin :) so much about that let's proceed to the main nakakademonyo.

wAAHH ang epal !!!! kasi ganito yun, may assignment kaming "program #6 sa visual basic." ngayon, ginawa ko toh last february 10 pah, at --- ang ginawa ko lang nun ay tinaype lahat ng mga lumuusot sa utak ko. it came up with this code:

Private SubForm_Load()
Dim n As Integer, result1 As Integer, result2 As Integer

For x = 0 To 15
n = InputBox("Enter the number " & x)
Select Case n
    Case 0:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "0 "
        result1 = 0 * 0
        result2 = 0 * 0 * 0
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 1:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "1 "
        result1 = 1 * 1
        result2 = 1 * 1 * 1
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 2:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "2 "
        result1 = 2 * 2
        result2 = 2 * 2 * 2
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 3:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "3 "
        result1 = 3 * 3
        result2 = 3 * 3 * 3
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 4:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "4 "
        result1 = 4 * 4
        result2 = 4 * 4 * 4
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 5:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "5 "
        result1 = 5 * 5
        result2 = 5 * 5 * 5
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 6:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "6 "
        result1 = 6 * 6
        result2 = 6 * 6 * 6
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 7:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "7 "
        result1 = 7 * 7
        result2 = 7 * 7 * 7
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 8:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "8 "
        result1 = 8 * 8
        result2 = 8 * 8 * 8
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
    Case 9:
        lbl1.Caption = lbl1.Caption + "9 "
        result1 = 9 * 9
        result2 = 9 * 9 * 9
        lbl2.Caption = lbl2.Caption + " " & result1
        lbl3.Caption = lbl3.Caption + " " & result2
basta mahaba pah

Yan yung pinaka main code nia.. edi syempre sinulat koh sa notebook ko. tapos nung nahabaan ako dahil mag aapat na page na siya ng notebook koh, edi binuklat ko ang aklat at may natukalasan na looping structure code.... ang for .. counter... next achuchuchu

s^%& Badtrip talaga as in...

pero may wish ako para bukas...

wish ko lang

sana naman....

hindi sa panglalait...

o pagmamalaki..

pero kasi...

parang nakakainis na....

sana naman...

bigyan ng panginoon ang mga classmates ko na mag-isip naman...

lagi na lang nila kasi kinokopya ang gawa ko....

hindi ba nila alam....

mahirap mag debug ng program wararrakkkk?....

parang sobra na eh....

parang basta!!!....

wish ko lang..........

lalo na itong program #6....

nahirapan ako....

hindi naman sa panlalait at pagmamalaki diba....

para kasing its kinda ... konti lang.... unfair....

tapos hindi naman sa pagkaingget....

im just speaking for the truth....

lam mo nah...

*^&^&% @#$@& #@@%^%&#%&

hay ....

buhay ....

di bale... dininiig naman ni god ang isang prayer ko eh...

na sana hands on at on-the-spot-making-of-the-program-ang-test

para may challenge...

para naman kahit dun lang...

masolo ko ang credits ko.....

kahit dun lang....

martir ba koh?

o gago lang??

sa skul...

walang masyadong challenge....

as in...

parang wala lang...


hay... lify....

tama ba ang sinasabi koh??

walang objections ah....


Blog Ko Toh!

Posted at 09:47 pm by shampoo
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Nakkkeeww.... tagal na pala akong hindi nag eentry dito sa blog koh. Last year pa pala ang huli kong entry... ano ba yan!? Naging busy kasi ako for the past 1 million years eh... Kaya I wasn't able to create writeups here. As usual, schoolworks, etc etc etc...

December> peste! naturingang may mga christmas vacations kami, hhaala? wala akong ginawa kundi magresearch at magsulat ng mga pesteng buhay ng 50 filipino at foreign scientists! Hay nako sa sobrang karunungan, hala pinirint ko na lang yung mga photos nila sa bond papers ko! Kesa naman sa magdikit dikit pa ako isa isa. Pasaway talaga yang teacher namin, HANDWRITTEN isipin mo yun? I dunno how did I survive such horrible thing.... Hay.....
Christmas> ang christmas ko ngayun ay something special. Kasi nangyari na ulet yung tradisyon ng pamilya namin (sa mother's side... mas close ako dun eh) Tradisyon na kasi namin na mula't sa pul at sa kung saan man, na lahat ng mga tito't tita ko ay magreregalo sa mga pamangkin at sa pamilya na rin (t.n: 10 kasing magkakapatid ang mommy ko... edi daming regalo) ... siyempre di nawawala ang handddaa !!!!
Sundry Eventrous> Ayun! May sinalihan akong online communities ng Kapuso!! ~__~ ano yun eh ah.... ang dami kasing mga ultimate something war dun eh... may mga nakikisingit na mga kapamilya na sinisiraan ang kapuso. Pero para ngang ngayon wala na akong masyadong gana eh.... Ayun nagbabasa na lang ako dun.... di nako nag popost... para ba kasing I keep on writing and doing same things all over again.
New Year> hay nako ito ang *something something*.... Dec. 31, nagsusulat pa rin ako ng mga scientists! nagpuputukan na at marami nang napuputukan ay patuloy pa rin ako sa pagsusulat! Tumigil na lang ako ng mga bandang 11:00 kasi maghahanda na kami.... Hay naku.... ang first thing na ginawa ko kinabukasan??? New Year na New Year! Magsulat!! Siguro buong taon yata akong magsusulat
School??> Hay nako! As usual! Ang dami na namang pesteng dumating! ..*yoko na mention... baka may magsumbong sa'kin eh....* as for the whole, everything's goinf just fine naman eh... everything... .. ...
TV Life> Hala? MAy TV Life? San galing toh??? UUYYY!! Tapos na ang Forever in My Heart!! Mammimiss ko yung mga ulap effects..... pero ah as for the whole maganda ang Forever in Heart. Endless Love I Autumn in My Heart> YYEES! My Rewind!! Uncut pala... Ang ganda ng Endless LLLOOVVVEE!! Nakakaiyak na nakakainlove!! Sina Johnny at Jenny.... Ay nga pala sa nagtatanong "kung saan tong midi ng page ko, Endless Love I theme ito - Reason.mid ganda no! Anime Anime Anime!!>>>>>>>> Tapos na yung Gensomaden Saiyuki sa AXN pero ah, this anime, ang ganda ng storya nito... FAvorite ko dito yung ED2 niya> Alone < Ang ganda.... SAmurai X yung pinalit si Kenshee!!!
Alone To be forgotten is worse than death> May bago akong layout para sa blog ko!! I can't wait to finish it... pinagpipilian ko kung sino mas maganda "Kung si Freya o Si Chii.. teka magkamukha lang un ah*
Past Layouts:
NO NAME + Hindi pa ako masyadong marunong gumawa ng layout nito.... corny pah
       + Shampoo + Well.... konting improvement.. as in konti lang
       + Stars + Ang nakakapangsirang ulong puro stars na kumikislap ang background
       + Shampoo Reloaded v.3 + Nagsimula ang pink
       + Reflections v.2 + Ito na po ang latest layout.... | ngayon ko lang napansin...... v.3 yung
                                   una tapos ngayon v.2
       + Alone + Soon!!
Angel Alarm> Hey Hannah! Gumawa ka na ng Assignment mo!!!
Spoiler> ay nga pala... sa Feb 16, Field Demo... sasayaw kami ng Ati Atihan... at mag The The Congo ulet kami :-)
May Bago Pala Akong Natutunan!> Kung paano ibahin ang kulay ng ScrollBar ng buong page....

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Thursday, December 16, 2004
Christmas Party

Shampoo's Mode: I'm Free at Last!
Playing Midi: FF8 - Eyes On Me

Yes! Sa wakas! as in! Im Free! hay salamat at least... Yipppee!!! Yahhoo!!!!!! Our Christmas Party just ended up, okay lang naman yung natanggap kong gift eh. Isang stuffed-toy na "heart" na blue magic. Okie lang! Cute nga eh!

SSSUSSSHH!! Grabe, sa wakas Christmas Vacation na! I wonder what am I going to do this Christmas? Nakew, ang dami kong commitments na magaganap this week! Tomorrow Friday, Christmas Party ng brother kew, makikiparty akkkeeew!! *hala? biglang makikiparty!?* Tapos by Saturday, Im going to have my monthly dental check up. Then by Sunday, pupunta kami sa Laguna for the house blessing of the house of my uncle. Tapos by monday.... Yipppeee!!! Christmas Shopping!!!

Second Emotion: Mad
Playing Midi: Wala! Galit nga eh, anong gusto mo?

Pero my freedom won't last long... kasi may project na pinapagawa!! 50 foreign and filipino scientists na ireresearch na kailangan may photos nila tas biography!! WWAAAHHH!!!


hAy nako.... .... ... .... .... basta! bahala nah! carry ko na yan!

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year ah!?

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
What a Day

Shampoo's Mood:
  Ultimately Happy
Playing Midi: Winter Sonata - My Memory

ieks! Ano kaya yun? Ngayon lang gumawa ng entry? Hahahahahaha! Hay salamat.... tapos na rin ang periodical exams.... grabe ang llulluppeet ng events dun.... ala lang :D.. pero talaga hay... natapos din.... gosh ah, ang lufet koh! Sa school lang ako nag-rereview! hahahahahaha... pero okie nga yun eh... :D

Eh kahapon nga eh, tinapos ko itong layout ko. (ganun? hindi man lang inalintala ang periodical exams?) Pero at least natapos na diba? Pero don't get me wrong ah :D

Grabe ahuahuahu... nag-nenebulizer ko every 6:am at 10pm... pero ah pangarap ko toh actually eh kasi dati tingin ko ang mga nakanebulize ay masaya kaya ito nagkaubo ako at kailangang inebulizer pero ah, lah akong hika ah!

Bukas Christmas Party namin.... masaya kaya? basta, glad ako at natapos ko na rin ang layout koh... thankz guys of the tagboard ah... :D

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Saturday, December 04, 2004
The nature strikes back...

   Wow! Almost 4 days kaming mawawalan ng pasok! Actually, the classes nationwide were suspended for almost 2 days due to the typhoons that struck Philippines. Typhoon Winnie is a strong typhoon. Grabe, it destryoed many of Filipinos lives especially those regions in Luzon. The flashfloods made the roads, farms, and lakes looked like "OCEANS" (seriously), many lives were taken away (as of my last watching, there were 407 people killed and over 100 people are still lost) Nakakaawa talaga ang mga people... grabe.... tapos sumugod naman itong super-typhoon na si YOYONG (worldwidely known as nonmadol)... >>>> Pero, now, I'm glad kasi there are no more strong winds, at sunny na ang panahon today :) Thanks to God at hindi kami tinamaan ng flashfloods :)

  CONCLUSION: The Nature Strikes Back; due to those stupid, illegal loggers.... binaha at madaming namatay na tao... :( I wonder what more will happen if our government won't do anything about this..

Posted at 10:35 am by shampoo
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