Entry: Shucks... tinatamaan ako Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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The Intricacies of Being too...

 | Good | - Makes the people believe that you're always good and would do everything they ask

 | Nice | - They're abusing the everything...

 | Clever | - Leads the people to think that you're 'dependable at all times'

 | Generous | - they think they could easily have everything they ask for

 | Considerate | - paves the way to them to ask mountains of favors and for everything

 | Cute | - makes your 'charisma' like a magnet

 | Smart | - leads the people to be very dependable to you with any matter ... ... I can't explain further no more or I might just be able to burst fire in here .. wwaaaahhhh


 + Today's a tough day, indeed, that I am a "PHOTOFINISH" again... Photofinish is the word I refer to myself when I'm running on from the gates of our school to the line formations of my fellow mates to be able to reach the flag ceremony. Yes.... its like, you know what the MC says in a Horse Racing? "Gates open as Raine galloping on the outside ... ... PhotoFinish!" ... WaAaAaAhH!! ~__~ However, in the forgiving hands of Father Time let me not to be late ... *coz I cannot afford myself of being late again..


+ First Subject of the Class: Filipino

    Teacher: Ms. Arcas
    Lesson: Chapter 33-35 of Noli Me Tangere

    While she was discussing in the class about Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara, she suddenly poofs out a topic that was kind of amusing for me. She's talking about "judgement" ... that, if it is right that a person to judge another person. She states one example that "if a person is late for school, a good judgement (paghahatol) that could be given to that person is that a person could just say: "Oh... you're late again.... blablabla" .... WWWAAAHHH!

 + Second subject of the class: English
    Teacher: Ms. Parce (I hope she don't read this, even though I always advertise the url of my blog on my diary on her)
    Lesson: Read Below...

    Our lesson for her class must have been all about Analogy but she takes rid off it for she thinks that nobody on her class would mind to recite for she also thinks that no one has an assignment. For that, she brought our theme writing book as "A SUBSTITUTE" .. she says.

    Waah... What an ultimate mess. I was looking forward to since last night because I really researched for the homework. Even though I didn't write them on my notebook, I all have them on my head! That topic was way far interesting that's why I gave my full attention on it.  But what makes the entire "Strike-On-Me" is that when she suddenly called my name, while I was staring and listening to her, speaking these words: "In English, you must be careful on your words right Raine?" Waaaahhh! I couldn't find the right words to say or the right expression to reply on her. I just stare on her once again as if I am speaking through my EYES ... STRIKE 2!

    Its our computer class. Last Last Last week before we celebrated our Foundation Day, our teacher, Ms. Palaroan gave us an assignment about creating a program in visual basic. As usual, because I am the so-called "Ms-Computer-Girl" or "Walking-Computer", I was able to have the program code a success and as usual... "xerox copies are running aroung the back stretch". And as usual in the class while everyone's making programs, you can hear no other name but "RAINE ! RAINE! RAINE!!" ... shouting my name asking for help. Well, its just very fine with me. At least I can give them a hand... But the striking thing that had happened, when the classes are ended and it was about our lunch time and everyone are going down, I heard the teacher saying that: "Some people are excerting their full efforts in debugging while others are just copying! Moreover, there are some people who let the others copy!" ... WWWAAAHH!! I've got no more words to say.... WWAAAAHHHH!!!

 Wow... I got 3 Strikes :) .. You know? Im getting used to it and when I encounter school dilemmas or whatsoever, I just give a Smile!!! That's me

 Okay, I finally activated my entire mind for speaking, thinking, typing, writing in English. Now I can easily finish this theme writing compositions... Yeah.. Easily

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